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Probably someone you trust has mentioned our name, or you’ve heard of one of our projects, or you’ve stumbled upon our website online. No matter which way you choose, we are glad that you found us. Our service offering is full of quality resources and useful services that can help you to support your business or to steer you in the direction you desire. Here is a quick overview of us, so you can find what you are looking for and we can start a forward-looking project together. For individual projects, our experienced team offers not only virtualization and system & network engineering but also software development. However, the wheel does not always have to be reinvented. With our ready-to-use solutions, we can cover a wide range of needs and thus reduce your time and costs.

High Availability

We provide our cloud services exclusively from Tier 4 Swiss data centers, as our cloud services are our lifeblood.


As a service provider with our own AS and IP networks, we benefit from redundant connections to global carriers and manage our own backbone.


In order to fulfill all customer requirements as a full service provider, we work closely with our long-term partners and rely on proven suppliers.

Digital Business

As your cloud service partner, we offer ready-to-use solutions exclusively from Swiss data centers with tier 4 architecture. Enable yourself and your employees a mobile, secure and networked work. Be it Hosted Exchange, Hosted Nextcloud or the complete CloudDesk® solution, we’ll set up, manage and protect your cloud environment.

Professional Services

Projects take many forms, we support you in the areas of virtualization, system & network engineering as well as prototyping & web development. In addition to extensive experience and expertise in networking, server and storage, we master the common programming languages, have web development expertise and knowledge of content management systems and databases.

Managed Hosting

The demands of companies to grow in a globalized, mobile market and set themselves apart from the competition requires constant innovation, but also constant availability. Take advantage of our fast, highly available data center services for short loading times, competent support and many other benefits that we have maintained since 2008.

We operate our infrastructure independently and independently of third parties.

Swiss ISP

As an independent ISP, we are redundantly connected to the Internet via multiple upstreams.

Member of SwissIX

As a member of SwissIX, we benefit from the direct exchange of traffic with the leading Internet providers in Switzerland. This allows shorter response times, boosts national traffic and reduces detours via the global Internet.


We are colocation customer of Nine Internet Solutions AG. Our main data center is colozü AG, which is less than 10 minutes away from us. Nine certification: ISO 27001: 2013

Our technology partners:
A world in which computer science is a matter of the heart.

VirtualTec Solutions AG was founded in 2008 by Hannes Widmer and Markus Wild and is still owner-managed. Our very personal passion for sophisticated computer science is reflected in all the details of our work.

Hannes Widmer | Business Owner Managing Director

Hannes Widmer started his career in 1998 as System & Network Engineer. He was an ISP Services Engineer at Cybernet Schweiz AG, hereafter Swisscom Schweiz AG, for seven years, and today, as managing director, he finds new solutions for needs-oriented IT, his customers

Markus Wild | Business Owner Technical Management

Markus Wild is one of the first Internet specialists in Switzerland. Over the years, the graduated ETH computer scientist, in the position of Manager Engineering, played a decisive role in the development of managed services of an international service provider. Subsequently, he led the Network Operating Center for several years and today manages the Hosting Datacenter Services of VirtualTec Solutions AG.

Team | Specialized with experience

Our services are based on our many years of professional experience in dealing with complex data networks and IT infrastructures. Over the past few years, our team has proven itself by developing and integrating cloud technologies and fully outsourced IT service solutions.